Creative Learning Programme 

As part of the 8 Minutes touring activity, AWDC will offer workshops for local dance students as well as an intensive Creative Learning Programme for Schools aimed at students in Year 5 (aged 9 – 10 years). Developed with input from RAL Space scientists, the workshops will combine concepts of choreography and space science to explore the parallels between the two.


What If?

What If? is a cross-curricular one week residency project for Schools designed to support young people’s understanding of solar science and dance. Over the course of the project and within a ‘creative laboratory’ (a safe space in which ideas can be freely explored and tested), scientific concepts will be illustrated using dance and choreographic concepts will be portrayed using science.

Pupils will be encouraged to investigate, question, analyse and respond with the freedom to be their own combination of research scientist and choreographer. Through this open and inclusive approach to learning AWDC will aim to demystify concepts within both science and dance, explore interconnections between the two and inspire and encourage lateral and creative thinking. The programme supports the Year 5 Programme of Study in the following areas: Earth and Space, Forces and Physical Education.

Activity will be delivered through a combination of artist-led ‘laboratory’ sessions and independent classroom work led by school teachers in response to tasks set. There is an option to support the programme with a twilight CPD session for teachers. The programme culminates in a performance which can remain internal or opened out to parents and friends.

The framework can accommodate multi form entry schools and will be designed in collaboration with the school to ensure it is fit for purpose. For maximum benefit students and teachers will need to be available to commit to the project for the full week.

For more information and to check availability please contact:



Alexander Whitely Dance Company are available to offer full or half day workshops to schools and colleges. Workshops can be adapted to suit a range of abilities from Year 5 upwards to include both non-dancers and professional dancers in training.

Led by AWDC dancers, workshops will include a warm up based on a combination of ballet and contemporary technique followed by creative tasks inspired by Alexander’s own creative process for 8 Minutes. There will be particular focus on the interconnection between dance and science and the exploration of the parallels between the two.

£250 for a half-day workshop (up to 3 hours) exc VAT

£400 for a whole day (up to 6 hours) exc VAT

Plus travel, accommodation and per diem as required for work outside London.



Teachers and practitioners can visit which hosts all of the Creative Learning Programme resources, giving further insight into the creative process for 8 Minutes and offering a series of task ideas for use within the studio. Designed to re-energise teachers and practitioners through the offering of new ideas and approaches inspired by solar science and choreography, the website is an ideal accompaniment to a visit to the performance or as a follow up to a workshop.

The resource pack is suitable for teachers and practitioners working with students from Year 5 upwards