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Established in 2014, Alexander Whitley Dance Company exists as a platform for enquiry: bringing together artists and academics from a wide range of disciplines to explore, develop and disseminate ideas about movement. Building on a distinguished performing career, AWDC was founded in response to the new spheres of knowledge and creativity being opened up by digital technology and a widening interest in dance from thinkers in other fields including science, design and architecture.

Through its innovative stage productions The Measures Taken, Pattern Recognition and 8 Minutes, the company has rapidly established a reputation for its ambitious and intellectually engaged work and has developed a wide network of world-class collaborators.  

A desire to further knowledge and understanding of dance within the field as well as to the broader public is also a driving force behind the company’s work. Establishing research platforms through our links with higher education is a key factor in this and with our Creative Learning Programme we seek to bring our high quality work to communities and young people around the UK.