Alexander Whitley Dance Company was established in 2014 to find an outlet for an ever-deepening curiosity with dance and a platform from which to invite other artists and thinkers to investigate its broad scope of relevance. Building on my experience of working with many of the UK’s leading dance institutions and choreographers from around the world, I was inspired to launch my own enquiry into movement, to establish a base from which to refine my craft of dance-making and to push at the boundaries of this versatile and far-reaching art form.
My ambition is to develop and foster a creative environment that attracts and nurtures enquiring people to collaborate in producing work of the highest quality; work that provokes thoughts, emotions and the imagination. It aims to shine a light inwards in an attempt to reveal the intricate workings of choreography and the potential depths at which dance can communicate. It also seeks to look outwards to gain an appreciation of movement and the body in contexts beyond its immediate community as well as being confidently self-aware of the context in which it is operating.

A special focus on bringing together dance and interactive digital technology has been at the centre of AWDC's work to date, exploring the potential for human movement and choreographic thinking to be extended into the digital realm. This remains an ongoing investigation that aims to take account of the increasingly ubiquitous presence of technology in our day-to-day lives, to engage with artists who are exploring the creative possibilities afforded by new technologies and to chart new territory for dance and choreography.