The interactive system underlying the visuals in The Measures Taken was designed and created especially for the production by Marshmallow Laser Feast to generate projected visuals that respond in real time to the movements of the dancers on stage. Research was carried out, with the support of the Jerwood Choreographic Research Project, in several stages over a 15 month period to investigate this exciting new creative territory as well as address the various technical and artistic challenges accompanying it. These included tracking a space as large as a theatre stage, following multiple dancers at the same time and coping with the complex detail of choreographed movement. Significant consideration was also given to exploring the various ways that dancers and projected visuals could be presented alongside one another - the choreography of their co-presences - either in abstracting geometries from the form of the moving body or creating volumes of light that could react to the moving body in space. 


These three videos document some of the ideas explored in the research process. Click on the text to play the videos.